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Our services

Legal Translation Services

Legal texts comprise the most challenging translation contents […]

Medical and Healthcare Translation Services

The most magical touch of science to all living beings! […]

Banking and Finance & Energy and Environment Translation Services

Recently, contents in regards to finance have become much more comprehensive. […]

Advertising, Marketing and Website Translation Services

Diltra knows of the challenging creative period that you experience to […]

Technical Translation Services

As a matter of fact, Diltra is confident that our paths cross in one way or another […]

Multi-Media Translation Services

To get your commercials, videos of company in-service training sessions […]

Interpreting Services

Plan your organizations for in-service training sessions, seminars and conferences […]

Certified Translation Services

Having been translated by sworn translators, notarization may also be […]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you translate in all languages?

Diltra offers translation solutions between all translatable languages via both a team of full-time translators and with the help of a wide network of domestic and international contracted translators.

How long does it take to translate my document?

There are internationally acknowledged time scales as to how long it takes to translate texts. As a professional translation company that offers world-class services, Diltra adheres to these rules. Based on international word count/hour or character/day scales, our project managers will inform you about the length of time for translating your documents at the proposal stage.

How much does it cost?

Pricing might vary based on the requested languages, the field, the subject matter and the length of texts. Our project managers prepare the best-fit proposal considering all these factors.

How do you ensure that a text Diltra translated is accurate?

Diltra pursues a workflow in accordance with ISO 17100:2015 Translation Service Standards, which certifies that all the processes needed for provision of the services, including the recruitment of translators and the project submission protocols, are conducted at their standards. With the assurance of an annually renewed ISO certification, Diltra warrants seamless, accurate and customer-oriented translation services.

Do you only translate for companies? I have only a one-page long diploma to be translated, would you translate that?

Diltra serves all its customers equally. For Diltra, a-page or a-thousand page-long translation project is of the same significance. Each project receives the same exact warm welcome and attention.

Is it possible to translate my document without disrupting its page format?

Diltra’s desktop publishing department is equipped with advanced digital technology. When requested, Diltra translates your text as is, i.e. with all its images and graphics.

My document needs to be authenticated. I do not know where to do this authentication; can you help me with it?

Diltra employs sworn translators; hence, it is possible to get your translated documents notarized or apostille or consulate certified. You may also obtain only sworn translation certification for your documents that will be certified by our sworn translators. When requested, we can deliver your translated and verified, authenticated and/or notarized documents to your address.

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