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Human Resources

Professional Translators

At Diltra, translation services are conducted by translators and editors whose first language is the target language or they speak and write in the target language at native speaker level. In accordance with ISO standards, Diltra recruits its team of translators by applying special tests and sifting through candidates. Diltra’s team of translators are graduates of 4-year Bachelor degree programs with a background of a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience, depending on the field, and have proven their linguistic and cultural skills, having translated Diltra’s pilot texts at the satisfactory level of ISO standards. Translators at Diltra go through regular assessment and evaluation processes via a point-based system to be able to maintain and sustain quality.

If you wish to join our team of translators, please send your CV to


Project Managers

Project managers administer the workflow in a translation company. Prioritizing full customer satisfaction, project managers pursue the processes of customer-translator-editor- verification and submission for a given job to meet its purposes in the best way possible.
For Diltra, a one-page document and a document of hundreds of pages are each a translation project. By utilizing a specially-designed translation management software, Diltra’s project managers conveniently monitor the workflow processes. Project managers manage all kinds of translation jobs as projects, prepare proposals, and manage all the necessary processes to submit the project accurately and punctually. Diltra’s English and German-speaking project managers assist foreign customers and handles requests from abroad, responding to them promptly and effectively.


Graphic Desktop Publishers

At times, translation jobs may require complex technical designs and desktop publishing technologies to arrange page formats. Diltra continues to be your solution partner in the translation of your most complex technical documents with its full- time graphic designers and advance technological equipment.